Double Telephone Poles, going, going, going……..

I continue to meet monthly with representatives of Verizon, Comcast and NSTAR on the issue of removing the double telephone poles that once littered the Town. When we first started to meet last fall there were 104 double poles in Medfield. We were able to receive assurances through our meetings that Medfield would become the first town in the state to have all the double poles removed in a Town/Utility partnership. State law says all double poles must be removed within 90 days. However, the legislature failed to put a penalty, in the event the poles were not removed in 90 days, so there is no hurry or high priority by the utilities to have them removed. The end result has been double poles multiplying all over the state, increasing each year without old ones being removed.

At our meeting last week, I am pleased to report that both Comcast and Verizon have now  removed all their wires from 99% of the Medfield poles, enabling NSTAR, who actually owns the poles, to remove them. NSTAR will continue coming to Medfield one day a week throughout the summer removing on average 5-6 poles each day until the remaining poles are removed. For example, where Bridge Street once had 35 unsightly and potentially dangerous double telephone poles littering the street we are now down to just three double poles on that street.

The one street with the most issues and which will be the last street to have all the poles removed will be Fairview Road.  I was told that when NSTAR looked to begin to remove those poles, they saw that the wires and the house connectors were old and should be replaced. Fairview Road will receive all new wires and house connectors, replacing the old wires, which will be taking some extra time to complete.  When the new wires are in place the six double poles still on that street will also be removed.

We will meet again in September when I should be able to report that all double telephone poles in Medfield are now removed. In the future, new situations will arise due to traffic accidents, weather damage to poles, etc., that will cause a second telephone pole to be put in place but all three utilities have told me that because of our concern Medfield will now be on their radar to remove the damaged pole attached to the new replacement pole, as soon as possible.